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Breaking New Ground:

Click1003 is pleased to announce the introduction of the Click1003 Pro File Manager Dashboard. This is a brand new web-based loan origination interface that is making a huge impact on the way loans are being originated in the field.

Coupled with the highly acclaimed Click1003 Interactive Online Mortgage Application software for your web site (included), and an unbelievably affordable price tag ($49.95/mo Broker/Banker version, and $19.95/mo Loan Consultant version), the Click1003 Pro Package is one of the most sought-after loan origination tools on the market today.

What's a Click1003 Pro File Manager Dashboard?

It's an innovative, web-based loan file and origination interface tool for the Loan Originator, Mortgage Broker, Banker, Credit Union, Real Estate Agent, Lender or any other mortgage industry professional involved with residential loan origination.

It is a veritable workhorse! Nothing to download or install on your computer or server. Instantly and automatically updates the loan pipeline database. Works anywhere there's an internet connection. Takes mortgage applications in the field or the office. Stores loan files. Prints blank or completed applications. Searches loan files. Imports into any LOS from anywhere. Sends email and text notifications to wireless devices when borrower submits a loan from your web site. Tracks where and when the loan was sent as an email attachment or when it was imported...and much, much more. (Find out more on our FAQ page)

What's a Click1003 Interactive Online Mortgage Application?

In its 12th year of development, it has without a doubt, evolved into the best online mortgage application software on the market today... regardless of price!

Integrates into your web site. Borrower-friendly. Over 90 informative help files. Auto calculates in real-time. Allows unlimited REO's, assets and liabilities. Calculates interest-only and amortized loan payments. Displays printable application upon submission. Password protected email notification. Easily editable on the web or in the Click1003 Pro File Manager Dashboard... And it will do much more! (Find out more on our FAQ page)

What if I don't have an LOS on my computer?

That's why the Click1003 Pro File Manager Dashboard was created! Most loan originators don't have a Loan Origination System (LOS) on their private computers. In fact, most companies discourage loan originators from even having one.

When we took a look at this problem we realized a need in the mortgage industry for an intermediary device that would bridge the gap between the loan originator and the LOS software. It would also have to be powerful, portable, affordable and easy to use.

The Click1003 Pro File Manager Dashboard is the solution! The loan originator can now take loans in the field and the loan file will instantly be available to the loan processor at the office. No down-time. No carrying the loan application back to the office. No waiting until the next day to get an answer on your loan.

You might call the Click1003 Pro File Manager Dashboard the perfect compliment to your company's loan origination system.

Your processor can import the loan into your LOS and send it DO/DU, LP or to your lenders and get an approval for your borrowers - often before your meeting with them is over! You can even edit the loan yourself, or have your processor do it back at the office. Then you can instantly print the loan application with all of your processor's revisions for your borrower's signature right on the spot without having to actually go anywhere!

This feature alone is impressive to your borrowers. And word of mouth is the best kind of advertising. They will tell others of their experience with you which will bring you more loans.


Sounds great, but if it does all of this advanced stuff, it must cost a lot of money.

That's the best part! We have taken "Affordable" to the next level. Affordable, meaning that it won't 'break the bank' in order for the loan originators to have state-of-the-art software at their fingertips. It's a very cost-efficient tool for loan origination when out in the field, at the office, or even out of the country!

In these times when our economy is unsure, sometimes it is necessary to abandon some of the expensive tools we really need to do our jobs more easily.

But not anymore! Right now, any Broker can get a subscription to the Click1003 Pro software for as little as $49.95 per month for the Broker/Banker version. The broker can then view all loans in the Click1003 system for all of the loan originators in his entire company! And a loan officer can now easily afford a subscription license for only $19.95 per month for the Loan Consultant version working under a broker already using the Click1003 Pro system. The loan originators will have access to all of their own loan activity using all of the same tools and programs the broker has.

What about the cost of upgrades, maintenance fees, support charges and user fees?

We don't have those things! Historically we have made about 6 upgrades per year on average due to ever-changing requirements in the lending industry. We have never charged for upgrades. We have never charged user fees nor for support.

We value our new and veteran clients, many of whom have been with us since our beginning 12 years ago. We could not have kept this kind of loyalty with our clients if we had charged them every time we made a change, or each time we needed to help them.

Fantastic support, timely upgrades and a great software service package from an honest company is what you get for your money!

It sounds like a must-have program, but what if I want to try the Click1003 Pro Package first?

You can test the Online Application Demo or the File Manager Dashboard Demo until you are satisfied that the Click1003 Pro Package will work for you. We are so confident that you will find this program indispensable, that we are giving our customers another great financial advantage.  It's what we call the "Easy-in, Easy-out" program.

Unbelievably, there is no need to make any lengthy commitment to use the software.  This means that you can use the Click1003 Pro File Manager Dashboard and Online Application for as little as one month at a time!  You just sign up for our easy monthly payment program with automatic payments and we will bill your credit card every month until you decide you would like to quit the program - even if you have only used the program for one month!

So, there's no sign-up fee, no lengthy commitment, just a small monthly subscription. No risk! Sound easy enough? Ready to get started?

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